Pecky’s Big Carp Buzz | Return to Owschlager See

Previously seen on Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol. 4: Spring Fishing back in 2017 this lake known locally as ‘the bitch’ holds some amazing tiny tailed mirror carp and wrinkly skinned leather carp.

Darrell’s previous trip here with Danny Fairbrass was extremely successful and he has often thought about re-visiting the lake. After seeing a few Instagram posts and seeing the growth rate of the fish… he knew it was time to ‘Return to Owschlager See’.

The session starts off with Darrell locating the fish and then starting his very specific method of marking the area. Using a boat he chooses not to hand place his Spinner Rig due to how shallowness of the lake, this quickly becomes an arduous way to fish. With bream picking his hook bait up and it being exceptionally hard to put the rods out… something had to change.

Fighting through the bream the first carp soon arrives. A small carp that looks like a “miniature identical” to the bigger ones he is trying to catch. Darrell decides that moving swims and working smarter is essential to turn this session around.

Follow Pecky’s process and his puts the pieces of the puzzle together in-front of the cameras and works out how to fish as effectively as possible, you can almost see the cogs in his head turning.

Finally it starts to happen… 4 bream later the next carp is on the mat, very quickly followed by another. The “BUZZ” really kicks in when Darrell recognises the second fish from Masterclass 4 and realises he has one of the named A Team.

The session continues and the “full moon hype” ends with an anti climax… Darrell begins to reflect on his approach, the mistakes and bad decisions he feels he has made. The final night passes uneventfully and a down beat Darrell proclaims “I awoke the next morning knowing I had messed up big time”.

With the last day slipping away Pecky had one more decision to make… “Do I concede and admit defeat or do I roll that dice one last time?”.

Darrell shows exactly what makes him one of the best carp anglers in the world and decides to move one last time with just hours remaining… “it’s not over until the fat lady sings”.


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