One More Cast Hooks


Got these little bad boys today thought as redesmere is round the corner and on my syndicate was rude not too.

Packaging is pretty terrible and have to rip the box apart to get to the hooks in a wax plastics envelope not that it effects the hook at all but just seems cheap to me

The hooks themselves feel sharp out of the pack and feel pretty strong not east to bend my hand anyway. They are a black coated hook which i do like, the 3 main patters chod widegape and curves. One thing i did notice was it felt pretty soft when using a jag file to sharpen. At £4 a pack they aren’t gonna break the bank and is one of the cheaper hooks on the market. Hopefully catch a few fish on them to know how they perform on the bank. But in all honesty ill pay the extra and use JP

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Let us know how you get on with them on the bank. :slight_smile: :grinning:

You can get sharp strong hooks at half this price

Where from Scott ? Need to order some

Well a little update

That fist hook outta the packet must have been a special one as the other 29 hooks are pretty blunt

Also scott id like to know aswell lol


I buy my hooks from sharp tackle or bank tackle both great companies :ok_hand:

Maybe a new product but all come from the same place

You can buy hand sharpen hooks but would only recommend them if you’re fishing tricky Waters when you’re going to catch a handful of fish per year