Korda Thinking Tackle OD: Darrell Peck & Tom Stokes The German Big Carp Pool (Fishing 2022)

Darrell Peck is joined by Korda big fish angler Tom Stokes for an epic trip into Germany. When it comes to catching BIG carp in the UK, the duo are the two of the most successful at it, but their experience of fishing abroad couldn’t be more different!

With travel restrictions lifted, Thinking Tackle wasted no time in heading into Europe for yet another adventure!

This episode covers a wide variety of different aspects of carp fishing, as well as giving you the views of two very accomplished anglers, as both do things slightly differently, so no matter where you fish at home or abroad, you will be able to take some things from it and apply it to your own fishing – especially as this German lake is more akin to the club or syndicate waters you find in the UK, as opposed to the inland seas often associated with European carp fishing. Managing to put it all into practice they catch some great – as well as unusual! – looking carp during this session!

Great viewing well done guys awesome session