Cooking on the bank - Best options

What does everyone use for cooking on the bank. Have been looking at some bbqs and also the Cobb but unsure which to get. What do you use?

We would 100% recommend the Cobb, bit pricey but it’s an investment, had ours 3yrs now and cooking everything from steaks to Sunday Roasts is a breaze. The taste from the Cobb is also divine, cooks belly pork crispy but melt in the mouth. Only downside is the cleaning as it’s a bit of a chore. Hope this helps

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Cheaper option to cobb that i found was a portable bbq!

I use a george foreman portable bbq and it does the job unless yoh wanted full on roasts or to cook meats proper then get a cobb


Pot Noodle can’t go wrong🤣

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