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3 reviews for WYCHWOOD DPF LINE

  1. Lee

    Absolutely amazing line, looks great, casts like a dream, strong and the knots are great, much better that stuff I have used at twice the price!

  2. Andy Reeves

    Have used this line the past year, my mates laugh at me as it is bright purple. The colour does start to tone down after around 6 months though. No complaints here as I have caught a fair few lumps on it

  3. Carper45

    Good line, we bought this initially as it loooked good. Have had around 20 fish off it so far, mininal stretch (but there is a tiny bit of stretch) and my catch rate has not gone down. It’s one of them lines where you need to try it yourself

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Wychwood have teamed up with one of Europe’s top fishing line manufacturers to create a truly special and unique contribution to the line market.

Deep Purple Filament (DPF) is a low-diameter monofilament that offers optimum castability and a super-suppleness that hugs the contours of the lakebed whilst excess line is pinned from vision and touch thanks to a fluorocarbon coating, perfect camouflage for all season colouring.

This extra coating not only aids concealment but also provides a smooth, friction-free finish that sails through rod rings with ease, adding precious extra yards on the cast in addition to an extra layer of resistance from the abrasive nature of lakebeds.

DPF’s purple appearance is difficult to miss in the flesh, but it’s the clever thinking behind it that gives this line the ability to adapt to the natural light present in the water column, making it less prominent and so great news for anglers who fish gin-clear waters.

Naturally, water appears to have hazy blue colouration due to Ultra-Violet light being prominently present throughout the water column. DPF line features a UV pigment that has the ability to adapt to the natural light source present under-water and becomes far less prominent, blending perfectly into its surroundings.

Not only supple, DPF also displays exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance.
Supplied in 1000m spools in the following breaking strains:
10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb