Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat

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Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat Reviews

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Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat reviews

Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat is the latest addition the to the Waverunner bait boat family.

Designed with all the main unique features of it’s bigger brothers, the Waverunner Mk3 bait boat and the Waverunner Atom bait boat but on a smaller scale.

The compact size of this baitboat means that it easily fits in most rucksacks and carryalls for easy transportation making it the ideal bait boat for shorter sessions and the mobile angler. Designed with one long centrally located magnetic hopper ideal for perfect rig presentation at ranges of up to 400m, along with the capability of carrying up to 1kg of bait, which is incredible for its size.

The Waverunner Shuttle is an ideal first bait boat or the angler who is looking for a compact easy to transport bait boat where travelling light is a must!

Shuttle comes with:

4 channel remote control handset 1PC

6V4AH lead-acid battery (including connecting wires) 2PC

1.2V 1500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery for handset 8PCS

15V 1.2A home charger for bait boat 1PC

12V 0.5A home charger for handset 1PC

Shuttle features:

Long rig friendly electromagnetic hopper

Remote boat light control from handset

LED boat Battery meter

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Range 400m

Heavy duty balanced centrally located boat carrying handle

Failsafe mechanism when out of range

Patented hook release system

1.5 hour running time

Catamaran hull design for ultimate stability

Front and rear LED lights

Detachable weed guards

1.5kg bait capacity

Handset battery low warning metre

Measurements 48cm x 30cm x 18cm