Waverunner MK4

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RRP : £999.00

Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat Reviews


1 review for Waverunner MK4

  1. Dan Eason

    Really good boat, bought for use in france for 2 weeks and never let me down

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The Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat delivers ANY load to ANY distance. This twin-hopper supercraft takes bait boating beyond the horizon with a  huge 5kg capacity. The Waverunner is the largest craft in the Waverunner range as it features independent double hoppers to deliver a huge payload of up to 5kg, 2x Hoppers and 2x Hook Releases.

Thanks to the Waverunner bait boat MK4 having a long, double hoppers and two hook release pins design, the Waverunner bait boat offers unrivalled bait delivery and rig placement options. Providing great performance in large waters, The Waverunner MK4 is designed for all waters and boasts an incredible range of up to 1000m* making it the No1 choice for exploring large waters.

Dean Macey from the Guru Tackle team comments on the outstanding performance and reliability of Waverunner bait boats ‘I was driving my Waverunner bait boat halfway across the lake and then running round to the far side so I could see exactly where I was dropping the rig and making sure it was in the same place each time. Had I been casting then I couldn’t have ensured that the rig landed on the ledge and didn’t roll down to the bottom of the shelf.”