Trakker Sanctuary Self-Inflating Cribs

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Trakker Sanctuary Self-Inflating Cribs Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Trakker Sanctuary Self-Inflating Cribs Reviews

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Trakker Sanctuary Self-Inflating Cribs reviews

Utilising self-inflating air cells, these high-walled mats offer excellent protection to your catch during the unhooking and photographing processes. The special foam inside each cell means you do not require a pump to inflate this product. Once all the air has been expelled form the cell, you have a very compact package that takes up minimal space for convenient transportation.


Self-inflating carp mat

Compact pack size

Fish-friendly internal fabrics

Rubber Carp Care Guide included

Abrasion-resistant base fabric

Removable air cells for easy cleaning

Velcro compression strap

Compatible with Sanctuary SI Welded Stink Bags (available separately)

Dry weight; 3.85kg

Assembled size; Standard; 120 x 64 x 25cm / XL; 132 x 74 x 25cm

Packed size; Standard; 64cm (L) x 20cm (Diameter) / XL; 74cm (L) x 26cm (Diameter)