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THE LEADER BAIT BOAT Reviews – Is this bait boat from Future Carping worth buying?


4 reviews for THE LEADER BAIT BOAT

  1. John Davis

    Bought a leader boatman pro from future carping and on first impressions the boat was good. After using the boat on and off for 3 months things started to stop working side hoppers wouldn’t open, the main hopper was hit and miss, a retaining clip to the underside stopped working, an the the power switches stopped working. To be fair they had the boat back for repair I used a couple of times on my local small water to test everything was fine and the next major lake i was on and the boat stops working again. The switch that was supposed to be fixed has packed in and doesnt stay down and the range I get is maybe 80 yards. To be honest for £1000 I’m fairly cheesed off when I’ve guys in the next peg with a £200 boat, fishing at 200yards on a 35 acre pit. Totally lost confidence in the boat and a waste of my money.

  2. Carl Priestley

    I too have a leader pro and have found it to be a great boat. My issue is the sonar doesn’t work. I am currently in touch with Future Carping whom i bought the boat from and I’m currently waiting for them to recieve a new design sensor probe. they expect to recieve them in approx. 3 weeks so hoping that will solve the problem.

  3. Scott

    Having bought the leader pro myself i can only say what a fantastic piece of kit it really is it comes with all the spec and features that you find on boats twice the price add to that before and after sales care you receive and you really cant go wrong if youre in the market for a new boat then look no further than one of these i really cant speak highly enough of it

  4. Keith Ward

    I decided to purchase the leader pro bait boat and OMG
    From start to finish the after care sales is the best I’ve ever experienced.
    The boat is very solid and well built and has every feature you could ever need.
    The price is fantastic saving a fortune against boats of similar spec
    I’m over the moon ?

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The Leader bait boat apart of the boatman leader series and “OMG” what a fantastic bit of kit. Still adopting the sleek design of the Boatman look, this boat is an amazing boat to own.

The Leader comes with a dual handed transmitter extra bait loading hoppers on both side of the boat (Optional these can be taken off), the main hopper can hold up to 3kg and is motorised meaning that the hopper doors will automatically close after unloading bait.

Then we move on to the battery power that drives the boat. x 2 (7.4V/20ah) batteries giving you 6 hours playing time.

The Boat has Integrated GPS and Auto Home function allowing you to store 8 GPS points, 9 if you include your home way point. Unlike the Leader Pro boat it does not come with Sonar which makes it perfect for attaching your own sinar like the Deeper or Deeper Pro.

There are 3 colours to choose from and all boats will come with a complimentary hard durable carry case.

If you want to see videos of our boats in action head over to:



  1. Product Size – 686 x 476 x 315mm
  2. Hopper Capacity – Combined 4KG
  3. Boat Working times – 6 Hours
  4. Radio Control Distance 300 meters
  5. Anti Storm – 5 star Rating
  6. GPS – 8 Points
  7. Auto Home Function
  8. Fail Safe Return to Home Feature.