Sonik SK-TEK Net Float Reviews

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Sonik SK-TEK Net Float Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Sonik SK-TEK Net Float Reviews

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Sonik SK-TEK Net Float reviews

Easily fits onto any landing net handle to provide extra buoyancy, eradicating the struggles of dealing with a sinking net while trying to land a fish. Featuring elastic and Velcro attachment, which makes it suitable for any spreader block design on the market. There is also a reflective night sight patch and elastic loop to retain the net mesh for easy and speedy netting.

HD 600D PVC Backed SK-TEK Camo material


Elastic net retainer

Night-sight reflective patch

Dimensions: (L) 22cm x (W) 7cm

Net Not Included

Full Sonik SK-TEK range also available separately


Sonik SK-TEK Net Float
Sonik SK-TEK Net Float

RRP : £6.99

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