Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools Reviews

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Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools Reviews

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Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools reviews

Sinking monofilament mainline with superior casting qualities and low stretch, supplied on massive 1200 metre spools. RM-Tec Mono mainline is the perfect all-rounder for almost any fishing situation, from an underarm lob in the edge to extreme distances on an inland sea. A great low maintenance fishing line with high abrasion resistance and low memory.

Strong: high abrasion resistance makes the RM-Tec Mono a firm favourite for fishing in weed or near snags and will considerably exceed stated strength when used with a well tied Palomar, Grinner or Figure-of-Eight loop knot.

Supple: flows off the spool for superior casting, settles flush to lakebed with minimal memory. Low stretch: excellent bite indication and emphasised donk when feeling the lead down, even at long range. Fast sinking: cuts through the surface tension effortlessly and settles within minutes. Available in three colours: choose the correct line to suit your own preference. 1200m spool available in clear, brown and green in 0.35mm (12lb), 0.38mm (15lb) and 0.42mm (18lb) breaking strain.


Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools
Ridgemonkey RM-TEC Mono 1200m Spools

RRP : £12.99

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