Ridgemonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer


Ridgemonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Ridgemonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer Reviews

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Ridgemonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer reviews

Tie pop-up hookbaits with ease using the RidgeMonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer: clip together the two magnetic sides, drop in a hookbait and tie your chosen baitfloss perfectly around the centre of the hookbait every time. A brilliantly convenient little device that allows baits to be pre-tied in seconds, saving you time, effort and frustration on the bank – no more juggling of hook-baits and tiny rig rings with cold, wet fingers!


For use with 10mm-20mm baits

Simple magnetic design

Compact size & shape

Robust construction

Protected registered design