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Powapacs Powalite + reviews

The hands free PIR Dual Colour Bivvy / Tent Light – taking the extremely popular Bivvy / camping light to the next level!

The Powalite + uses the latest PIR technology and design features as the most popular light on h=the market. Built to the same high standard as Powapacs’ remote controlled Powalite this latest model is activated by motion. Equipped with a small PIR sensor mounted on the front of the Powalite + it will activate when motion is detected. The Powalite + will stay illuminated whilst it detects motion, as soon as the movement stops it will turn off after around 20/30 seconds.

The new Powalite + features a dual colour light sensor, after the sucess of the Powalite + and the feedback from the customers requesting the PIR function to also work with the RED light the Powapacs’ team had the light re-engineered to allow this. Simply select RED light and activate the PIR mode and that’s it!

The new Powalite+ also comes with a new handy carry case included in the kit. The case allows you to store and transport the Powalite+ safely and with its charging cable, ensuring you’ve always got what you need to keep the Powalite+ ready for use.


Up to 250 hours use on a single charge (3% Red)

Can be charged from mains, car, laptop or USB battery pack such as the Powapacs ATOM

Three colour settings – White, Red & SOS

Two brightness settings per colour

Sealed construction with built in rechargeable lithium ion battery

Compact, lightweight design

Magnetic fittings can be attached anywhere in your bivvy or tent

Sealed push button control

Versatile micro USB charging point

Waterproof Neoprene case with carabiner


Emitting colour; white, red

Light source: LED

Certification: CE, RoHS, CE & RoHS

Colour Temperature (CCT): Cool White

IP Rating: IP33

1 Year Warranty with Powapacs

Working Lifetime: 36000 hours

Working Temperature; down to -40°

Material: ABS, PC, Aluminium

Battery: 3.7V 2600mAh

LED: 16pcs white, 16pcs red

Input: 5V 1A

Port; Micro USB

Range of Powapacs products also available separately