Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm

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Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Reviews

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1 review for Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm

  1. Pete

    Nash are well known the world over for their range of fishing products. The R3s are absolutely amazing, very easy to use and benefit from adjustable sound, sensitivity. You can add a fibre optic to the dropped to provide bite indication. They look great and compact, they are the highest quality.

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Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Reviews


Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Intro

When your Siren R3 goes off, you had better look out. These new bite alarms are setting new standards in bite indication, the R3’s Intelligent Sensing microchip technology cuts out false indications, so you know exactly what is happening in your swim. When you get a single ‘beep’ don’t ignore it, these alarms have features that cut out all the unwanted and annoying false indications. Do you want to get out of your sleeping bag in the middle of the night because weed has built up on the line, I certainly don’t.

A clever sensor that senses the speed of line movement is able to detect the difference between the false indicators such as wind, undertow and even variable undertow in flowing water, they open up all sort of possibilities and new situations to use the bite alarms

The Siren R3 only sounds when a fish is active in your swim. How many times have you had unexplained bleeps in the middle of the night, shall I go and have a look? or not.

The Siren R3 has broke new ground – connecting angler and carp like never before possible.

THE Siren R3 has got the best remote performance available today, a major improvement on the other alarms on the market. They have a range up to 400m, nobody is recommending that you leave your rods and walk away anything like that distance, its nice to know you have that capability, the distance any remote alarm will work depends on the environment it is being used in, for instance any remote alarm will work at a far greater distance over water than through trees, so if you have a swim surrounded by trees or you in a dugout you know it will still work.

These R3 ALARM have some unique features designed for the modern carp angler.

The sensitivity control has been designed with microchip intelligent sensing which Nashy has patented, this market leading remote performance has been independently verified. A single touch mute function allows you set your bobbins to be without disturbing anyone around you or the fish.

The adjustable volume and variable tone controls have high output, you will have to be dead to miss these, Pulsing fibre optic output for Nash Siren Optics indicators, Integrated rubberised snag ears

The alarms are available in blue, red, purple or clear LEDs, supplied with a protective PVC case and are powered by 1 x CR 2 – 3V battery, which is included FREE

Nash Siren R3 Receiver

This receiver is of the quality you would expect to match these brilliant alarms the same market leading remote performance (independently verified). They have exact alarm tone reproduction, how clever is that? Four channel one touch pairing with R3 alarm heads an additional fifth channel to programme in friends’ alarms (up to a maximum of 30 alarms) Anti-theft warning alarm, very useful on some waters. Adjustable volume control, vibration and mute functions as well as Interchangeable LED lenses. Lanyard and karabiner included. Its Powered by 1 x CR123A – 3V battery (which is included FREE)