REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods

REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods

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  1. Carper45

    Banging rods – if your in the market for smaller rods get a set of these

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  2. Donovan

    I upgraded to these after owning dwarfs for 6 months, these just feel way better to play fish and feel a lot more premium. They look great and pack away neatly. I can cast around 100yds with the 10ft 3.5lb ones which is sufficient where i fish. I wouldn’t recommend them for big lakes though/

    + PROS: Well Built Good design Packs away neatly in the Transporter Good looking Good in tight swims with trees
    - CONS: Bit Pricey
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    Nash Scope Rods Reviews

    The Nash Scope Range come in Cork Handles and Abbreviated Handles and are available in 6ft (sawn offs), 9ft and 10ft.

    About the NASH Scope Carp Rods

    Featuring a unique retractable butt section, the 9ft and 10ft Scope rods pack down to a miniature 44 inches and 50 inches – fitting in the boot of a car with ease and even allowing you to take them abroad on missions even when you fly over!

    Kevin Nash discovered that reducing rod lengths produces tools that are unexpectedly superior in almost every way. Easier to use in confined swims, yet offering absolute casting accuracy and providing improved contact with battling carp Scope rods have no limits. Casting distances over 170 yards have been recorded with 9ft Scopes.

    Recently expanded by popular demand into both heavier and lighter test curves, the Scope concept has influenced every avenue of specialist fishing – from spodding to marker work, to lure fishing, drop shotting, even boat fishing.

    Bringing improved sensitivity, accuracy and heightened performance Scope is the only true innovation in rods for decades. Join the short rod revolution.

    • Unique retractable butt for the most compact big fish performance ever achieved
    • Super light high modulus carbon blanks with 1K weave
    • Genuine Fuji DPS reel seat
    • Fuji Minima low profile one piece guides for improved casting and enhanced sensitivity
    • Carbon line clips on 2.75lb models and above
    • Keeper rings on 1.75 and 2.25lb models
    • Black stainless laser etched butt cap with beta light slot (fits Scope Rectangular Isotope)
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    NASH Scope Cork Handle Carp Rods

    NASH Scope Cork Carp Rods

    NASH Scope Cork Carp Rods

    Scope Cork 9ft & 10ft 1.75lb

    The softer side of Scope. Truly versatile, go anywhere tools, these Scope Cork 1.75lb models bring the classic Avon rod versatility bang up to date. Equally at home casting spinners and spoons for perch to flicking freelined baits at small river chub or casting feeders for bream and tench yet they retain the power for bagging small carp on commercials and even float fishing and surface work for bigger carp. Optimum range 0-60 yards/55 metres with leads of 1-2 oz.

    Scope Cork 9ft & 10ft 2.25lb

    Another classic all-rounder with the emphasis on a progressive playing action, but with increased power in the butt, making the 2.25lb Scope the choice for barbel in bigger flows, and Method feeder work for tench, bream and carp. A brilliant tool for floater work, one that since the earliest sample stages has needed almost surgically removing from Alan Blair. Optimum range 0-70 yards/65 metres with leads of 2-2.5 oz.

    Scope Cork 9ft & 10ft 3lb

    Handling heavier leads to 3.5 oz and with a more pronounced tip action for incredible accuracy up to 100 yards/metres the 3lb Scope copes with larger lakes, gravel pits and rivers, with uprated mid-section power for bigger carp and more demanding situations.

    Scope Cork 9 & 10ft 3.5lb

    The choice for big pits, reservoirs or extreme rivers. Performing with leads of 3-4oz, at casting ranges up to 150 yards/metres the 3.5lb Scope makes a great tool for distance PVA bag work or boating baits out. Kevin Nash has used these with great success at over 300 metres, yet the forgiving tip ensures playing fish at close range remains a pleasure.

    Scope Cork 6ft 1lbT1740
    Scope Cork 6ft 2lbT1741
    Scope Cork 6ft 3lbT1742
    Scope Cork 9ft 2.25lbT1743
    Scope Cork 9ft 2.75lbT1745
    Scope Cork 9ft 3lbT1747
    Scope Cork 9ft 3.25lbT1749
    Scope Cork 9ft 3.5lb ST1751
    Scope Cork 10ft 2.25lbT1744
    Scope Cork 10ft 2.75lbT1746
    Scope Cork 10ft 3lbT1748
    Scope Cork 10ft 3.25lbT1750
    Scope Cork 10ft 3.5lb ST1752
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    NASH Scope Sawn Off Carp Rods

    Built on powerful but forgiving high modulus carbon blanks with 1K weave for improved strength, the Scope Sawn-Offs are the ultimate margin stalking and jungle warfare weapons. Retracts so short it even packs in hand luggage – taking Scope performance anywhere. These powerful rods have accounted for carp over 50 lb, but also make great travel rods and have accounted for shark to over 100 lb!

    NASH Scope 6ft Sawn Off Carp Rods

    NASH Scope 6ft Sawn Off Carp Rods

    • 6 ft blanks retract to just 29 inches (approx. 74cm)
    • Ultra slim cork handle
    • Super light SS Minima guides enhance casting, blank sensitivity and transmission
    • 25 to 15mm ringing
    • Fuji reel seat
    • Isotope slot in butt cap
    • Keeper hook retainer
    • Laser etched butt cap with isotope slot
    Scope Sawn-Off 6 ft 2 lbT1820
    Scope Sawn-Off 6 ft 3 lbT1934
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    NASH Scope Abbreviated Handle Carp Rods

    Recognising the trend for heavier leads, the demands of PVA tactics, extensive use of Scopes for placing baits from boats, and for our Continental friends tackling extreme natural venues Scope Abbreviated models are now available in 3 lb as well as new 3.25 lb and a 3.5 lb S (Stepped Up Special). Offering increased backbone for greater control with monster carp in fast flowing rivers or in snaggy and weedy environments and handling leads up to 6 oz these new additions to the Scope range bring short packdown performance to all.

    Scope Abbreviated 4.5lb

    Developed for the most demanding fishing, expanding the opportunities for short rod fans into extreme distance heavy lead boat work, dense snags and heavy flowing water the new Abbreviated 4.5lb models tackle the biggest carp, catfish and even saltwater species.

    NASH Scope Abbreviated Carp Rods

    NASH Scope Abbreviated Carp Rods

    Fans of the new Dot Spod have quickly adopted the 4.5lb Abbreviated for effortless and extreme range casting of these market leading rockets. Finished with Fuji reel seats, reverse mounted Minima guides and anti-frap tip guide, carbon line clips and laser etched butt caps with isotope slots.

    Scope Abbreviated Sawn-Off 6 foot 2 lbT1535
    Scope Abbreviated Sawn-Off 6 foot 3 lbT1534
    Scope Abbreviated 9 foot 3 lbT1536
    Scope Abbreviated 9 foot 3.25 lbT1530
    Scope Abbreviated 9 foot 3.5 lb ST1531
    Scope Abbreviated 10 foot 3 lbT1537
    Scope Abbreviated 10 foot 3.25 lbT1532
    Scope Abbreviated 10 foot 3.5 lb ST1533
    Scope Abbreviated 9ft 4.5lb *NEWT1759
    Scope Abbreviated 10ft 4.5lb *NEWT1760


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    NASH Scope Shrink Carp Rods

    Featuring carbon line clips, laser etched butt caps and all the trademark high end Scope rod fittings and finished with the popular full length Japanese shrink grips.

    NASH Scope Shrink Carp Rods

    NASH Scope Shrink Carp Rods

    Scope Shrink 9ft 3lbT1753
    Scope Shrink 9ft 3.25lbT1754
    Scope Shrink 9ft 3.5lb ST1755
    Scope Shrink 10ft 3lbT1756
    Scope Shrink 10ft 3.25lbT1757
    Scope Shrink 10ft 3.5lb ST1758

    Videos: REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods

    Photos: REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods

    REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods
    REVIEWS: Nash Scope Rods

    RRP: £149.99

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