Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Reviews

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Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Reviews

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Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro reviews

Updated patterns and advanced manufacture – the collaboration between Marc Voosen’s Pinpoint and the famous Nash Fang hooks raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet.

Marc’s experience has helped develop the new Nash Pinpoint Range utilising the latest technology in carbon steel alloys, CARBIDE 617, resulting in hooks up to 50% stronger yet actually lighter than the already leading Nash patterns. Point design and penetration is what you would expect from Pinpoint – the sharpest available.

Along with the advancing worldwide classics such as the Twister and Fangs Kevin Nash has used the opportunity to add new patterns guaranteed to be firmly on the big carp hunter’s radar.

– Proven Fang X design with integral micro ring swivel for ultimate hook rotation

– Superior hooking with 360 rigs and Ronnie Rigs

– No additional components required

– Superior strength swivel manufacture with hook eye built around the inside of the swivel eye – no need to open up swivels, risking weakening them.

Available in both Micro Barbed and Barbless options in 3 different sizes to suit all venues and situations both at home and abroad.

Full Range of Nash Pinpoint hooks and hook sharpening accessories also available.


Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro
Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro

RRP : £7.99

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