Nash Globetrotter Rod Pod

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Nash Globetrotter Rod Pod Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Nash Globetrotter Rod Pod Reviews

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Nash Globetrotter Rod Pod reviews

Globetrotter Rod Pods

The most flexible pod design yet, the Globetrotter offers endless options for any swim or situation, from staying low profile on a small syndicate to extending the front legs to suit extreme natural venues like big rivers and inland seas. Yet the Globetrotter packs down into a tiny 60cm carry bag!

Loaded with neat Nash design touches the spring loaded ratchet leg lock assembly offers total flexibility for rod position and elevation. The twin extending main bar eliminates troublesome pod twist, completed with goal post style removable buzzer bars.

Detachable legs reduce transport dimensions for the carp angler who needs one solution without a Euro size package. Available in 3 Rod and 4 Rod options, Globetrotters are supplied with four short legs and two 36 inch (92cm) two piece extension legs for massive elevation where required but
retaining the advantage of short packdown.

» Spring loaded ratchet leg angle adjustment and lock, guaranteed zero slippage

» Virtually infinite rod position options from horizontal to vertical

» Supplied with fixed length buzzer bars for goal post style support

» Extending parallel main bar assembly for non twist frame support

» Four detachable adjustable legs, plus two 36 inch (92cm) two piece extension legs

» Compression twist lock cams to adjust main bar and leg length

» Moulded anchor brackets for bungee elastics or stabilising weights at each end

» Matte black anodised finish

» 3 and 4 rod models available

» Additional pairs of 36” (92cm) legs available

» Includes unique roll up carry bag

36″ Extension Legs

Pair of 36 inch (92cm) extending legs to fit both 3 and 4 rod Globetrotter Pods – ideal for rod set ups in shallow margins or over difficult natural terrain such as rocky banks. Featuring the same short packdown advantage as the twin longer legs supplied with Globetrotters, a centre thread with compression collar reduces packdown size to less than 60cm.


Centre bar extension: 63-114cm

Leg extension: Short legs – 22-36cm. Extension legs – 92-135cm

3 Rod Globetrotter Bars: Rear 30cm (12”) Front 32.5cm (13”)

4 Rod Globetrotter Bars: Rear 53cm (21”) Front 53cm (21”)


3 Rod Globetrotter: 4.5kg

4 Rod Globetrotter: 4.7kg

Globetrotter Buzz Bars also available separately