Nash Bobbin Kit

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Nash Bobbin Kit Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Nash Bobbin Kit Reviews

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Nash Bobbin Kit reviews

All you need for effective and seriously stylish bite indication supplied in one pack, the Nash Bobbin Kits have got it covered, containing a smart acrylic bobbin head – available in two size options and six colour options – along with an 8cm chain and anchor bracket.

The two stage line clip on the bobbin head allows line to be fished free running or gripped for better slack line indication with O ring allowing for fine adjustment for different mono diameters or braided reel lines. Bobbin Kits can be customised using a full range of additional accessories including cords, chains, drag weights, magnetic brackets and the awesome Optics Glow Pipes that allow Bobbin Kits to connect to the fibre optic output of an R3 and light up your indicator!

Complete with a central isotope slot, Nash Bobbin Kits are available in two sizes and six colours to match Siren LED options. All feature sand blasted matte finishes with smart Nash logos, including an awesome frosted clear head.