Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit Reviews

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Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit Reviews

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Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit reviews

The Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit has all the end tackle you need for drops hotting, it contains three fast action rubber lures in colours that attract fish, there are three spin style hooks and two drop shot weights, 10g and 5g, these weights are non-toxic.

The Spin-style hooks make it quick and easy to set up and reduce the chances of the line twisting.

The dropshot lures have shad tails that give a life like action underwater. All the lures and weights have been tank tested.

Dropshot Kit includes:

Goldfish, Perch and Roach imitation for a multitude of presentations

Soft rubber fish with shad tails for maximum action underwater

Spin-style hooks for easy rig setup and reduced line twist

Two non-toxic Dropshot weights in a weed-beater pencil shape

Dropshot Kit Mix 2 includes:

Spotted Lime, Golden Pepper and Olive Fry colours which have proven devastating in testing

3 x rubber dropshot lures

3 x Spin-style hooks

1 x 5g weight

1 x 10g weight


Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit
Korum Snapper Dropshot Kit

RRP : £4.50

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