Korum Camo Bolt & Run Kit

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Korum Camo Bolt & Run Kit Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korum Camo Bolt & Run Kit Reviews

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Korum Camo Bolt & Run Kit reviews

The Camo Bolt & Run Kit provides everything required to create a safe, semi-fixed setup with the ultimate in camouflage concealment.

The raised bump on the angled buffer bead means you can semi-fix the run ring into position for casting, providing more resistance on the bite than standard running setups.

The angled buffer bead Keeps the Lead in a fixed position when casting out which helps to eliminate tangles, this also gives you a safe semi fixed bolt rig setup.

Supplied with high quality quick-change swivels that fit perfectly into the bead, along with rig sleeves that complete the tangle-free rig with a boom effect.

4 Per Pack