Korda SLR Spod / Marker Braid

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Korda SLR Spod / Marker Braid Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda SLR Spod / Marker Braid Reviews

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Korda SLR Spod / Marker Braid reviews

The Korda SLR spod / marker braid is an ultra fine, specialist single strand PE mainline to help achieve extreme distances with spod and marker work.

Low stretch for sensitivity

Lightweight to reduce drag

Minimal wind resistance

Sub-Green colour

*Use with a 30lb Arma Kord leader to prevent ‘Crack offs’* – Use a four turn Water Knot or the Albright knot for tying the Single Strand to an Arma Kord leader.

Note; This product should only be used in situations where maximum casting range is required. Always feather the braid before hitting the line clip. Korda Spod Braid & Marker Braid is available for general use.

300m spool