Korda Ring Swivels

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Korda Ring Swivels Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Ring Swivels Reviews

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Korda Ring Swivels reviews

Size 8 Ring Swivel

These ring swivels have been specifically designed to fit perfectly inside Korda Inline leads, Bait-Up Method Feeders and Korda Lead Clips. It is also an ideal choice when using helicopter set ups, by threading the ring part on to the leader or tubing. The welded ring increases movement and creates a pivot point for stiff hooklink materials, thereby improving rig mechanics.

Size 11 Ring Swivel

Size 11 Ring Swivels have been specifically designed to create a strong hinge in any hooklink. These are particularly effective when using stuff pop up rigs with Stiff Rig materials such as Korda Mouth Trap; like the Chod rig or Stiff Hinge.

Both size swivels feature a black, non-reflective finish which improves rig concealment and helps to keep your rigs undetected from wary feeding fish.

8 Swivels supplied per packet