Korda Naked Chod System

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Korda Naked Chod System Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Naked Chod System Reviews

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Korda Naked Chod System reviews

Allows the top bead to fall completely off in the event of a snap-off, enabling the rig to freely travel up and off for total safety.

Pack includes 3 Tungsten Barrel Beads, 3 Chod Sleeves & 3 No-Trace Beads.

Korda Naked Chod System

Total Carp magazine Review

The biggest concern when using any helicopter/chod-style rig is safety. A carp being able to rid itself of the lead and leader in the event of the main-line breaking is something that we should never lose sight of.

There are numerous ways to ensure that beads and rigs can slide off a leader easily (or main line in the case of a naked chod), but Korda has designed a complete system, with fully compatible products, to make it easy… and, more importantly, safe.

When our editor, Marc Coulson, took delivery of a couple of packs he was immediately impressed.

“I don’t use chods anywhere near as much as I could, largely because they are a bit of a pain to tie, particularly fiddly to change if I need to, and I have always been paranoid about my rig being 100 per cent safe.

“While the first two points remain (especially the second one, annoyingly), there are no concerns with the safety element when using this system.

“I really like the setup, which is both neat and ultra-safe. We’ve tried every way possible to find a fault in it and, despite our best efforts, it seems to work every time. It’s also ridiculously easy to construct, which I know will appeal to you, the TC readers.”

That’s high praise indeed from somebody who rarely gets excited by tackle these days. He’s seen it all, but every now and then some true innovation comes along (rarely in terms of terminal tackle) that gets the juices flowing.

“To be honest, playing around with these kits just made me desperate to go fishing,” he concludes.

There are leadcore and naked chod kits in two pack sizes and Korda has also thoughtfully included packs of spare No Trace Beads, because these are the bits that you’ll lose occasionally. As you’d expect, they’re all well made and packaged.

Total Carp Magazine review

On the rare occasions that I fish a chod rig I prefer to do so ‘naked’ style, without a leadcore leader. These kits allow quick and easy construction of naked chods and, so far, they appear to be super-safe as well.

They’re also very neat and unobtrusive on the bottom. The only downside is that a couple of the individual components are not easy to reuse and even with smaller pop-ups I do still have to add some putty to the rig’s swivel. That said, it’s a lot less than normal.