Korda Line Saver Bead Reviews

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Korda Line Saver Bead reviews

These clever tungsten-rubber beads take the naked-chod setup to the next level of sophistication. They take the place of the lower bead on the naked setup, against which the chod swivel sits on the cast or during a fight.

The upper portion of the bead is tapered so that the swivel can slide along it, coming to rest against the body of the bead when a fish is hooked. this removes the chance of the main line being damaged during a tough battle.

The Line Saver Beads are impregnated with tungsten, which will help the naked-chod setup to sit flush with the lake bed, improving a deadly rig even further.

Supplied in packs of eight.


Korda Line Saver Bead
Korda Line Saver Bead

RRP : £3.65

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