Korda Limited Edition Scales

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Korda Limited Edition 120lb Scales Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Limited Edition 120lb Scales Reviews

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Korda Limited Edition 120lb Scales reviews

These brand-new scales are far from your average weighing tools. In fact, we reckon that they’re the coolest scales on the market, by quite a margin!

Rather than the standard black, high-impact case, the limited-edition Korda scales have a carpy green shell. We’ve also added a high-vis green tip to the pointer needle for 2011, which makes for accurate weighing in low-light conditions.

The Korda scales are available in 60lb (with 2oz divisions) and 120lb (4oz divisions).

Korda have also have 120lb Gigantica-branded scales for those of you who are targeting huge, continental giants. All of our scales are rugged, reliable and designed to last.