Korda Leadcore Leaders 3x Heli Leaders

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Korda Leadcore Leaders 3x Heli Leaders Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Leadcore Leaders 3x Heli Leaders Reviews

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Korda Leadcore Leaders 3x Heli Leaders reviews

No Trace Leadcore Helicopter Leaders.

Based around Korda’s Kable Leadcore and No-Trace system, these ready-tied leaders are constructed to exacting standards. They’re literally as good as we can tie ourselves, so you can rest assured that they won’t let you down.

The leaders are 1m long and come in two versions, weed/silt and gravel. Of course, being tied from Kable, they feature a clever banded camouflage pattern that’s been designed to break up the outline of the leader when on the bottom.

The No-Trace system offers unrivalled safety, should you crack off or become cut off. If a hooked fish becomes snagged or weeded, then the No-Trace bead can slide off the Chod Sleeve and drop off the leader entirely. This leaves the swivel free to slide up and off the leader, unimpeded by a bead, which could catch on weed that has collected around the leader knot.

You can use the leaders with most types of presentation, including the chod rig.