Korda Kamakura Krank Hooks Reviews


Korda Kamakura Krank Hooks Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Kamakura Krank Hooks Reviews

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Korda Kamakura Krank Hooks reviews

Available in the popular Krank pattern, comes finest breakthrough and development in hook manufacturing to date. Each hook is precision sharpened after production using a new process and come with a wax cap on the point.

Sharpened post production to an extremely high tolerance. Every single hook being has the same super consistent sharpness. With consistency being the key Korda take pride in getting every point exactly the same. A wax coating on the sharpened part of the point is used as a unique way of covering the tip to ensure they stay in the best possible condition until they are ready to be used. Simply push the wax coating off before casting out and you’ll be fishing with the sharpest hook you can possibly imagine.

Available in sizes 4, 6 & 8 and in micro barbed and barbless.

Supplied in boxes of 10

Kamakura Wide Gape also available