Korda Kable Leadcore Reviews

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Korda Kable Leadcore reviews

Korda’s new incredible Leadcore… Korda Kable has been designed to be the toughest and best camouflaged leadcore available.

Korda realised that to truly camouflage a leadcore leader breaking up its outline was the way forward. so, the development team designed a banded pattern of subtle colour changes to do just that.

Although it has a splices breaking strain in excess of 50lb, Kable is limp enough to drape across underwater terrain unobtrusively and keep your line concealed in the area of your rig. Kable is available

in two unique colour combinations- Weed/Silt and Gravel Brown and on 7m and 25m Bulk Spools..

Korda Kable Weed/Silt Leadcore 7m Spool

Korda Kable Weed/Silt Leadcore 25m Spool

Korda Kable Gravel Brown Leadcore 7m Spool

Korda Kable Gravel Brown Leadcore 25m Spool

Total Carp Magazine review

I am a huge fan of leadcore and, when employed correctly, I have no issues with its use.

I’ll use anything when making up my really short (10in) leaders for use when PVA-bag fishing, but my helicopter rigs demand something a little longer, normally around three to five feet. In this situation the Kable has fast become a favourite, thanks largely to how supple it is.

I have no fears that it is not sitting nice and flush to the lake bed. I also really like the mottled finish in both the gravel and weed/silt versions, and it is incredibly easy to splice, despite its relatively thin diameter. As such, I will definitely be keeping a spool or two in my tackle box from now on.

Korda Kable Leadcore
Korda Kable Leadcore

RRP : £6.50

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