Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System Reviews

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Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System Reviews

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Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System reviews

Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System, has been designed by those clever lads at Korda to release the ead whilst playing a fish when using a chod or helicopter set up, these are ideal for weedy or snaggy situations, when getting rid of the lead will greatly improve your chances of landing the fish.

The lead clip can be set up to eject or retain the lead, its your choice to suit the situation you fishing in. These lead release clips come in a choice of 2 colours, brown or green, these colours have been carefully chosen to blend in with the bottom on any lake. The clips have been designed to be used with any spliceable leader or it can be tied directly onto the reel line.

These lead release system will only dump the lead when a fish is hooked, unlike some other set ups.

Tom Dove, who is head of design at Korda, says ‘these clips are something a bit special and we are really proud of them”

They are also easy to change the lead when in use.

One word of warning – DO NOT use with a Pva mesh bag.

2 clips per packet.

Available in Brown or Green.


Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System
Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System

RRP : £5.50

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