Gardner Point Doctor

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Gardner Point Doctor Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Gardner Point Doctor Reviews

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Gardner Point Doctor reviews

During the development stage all the consultants we showed the Point Doctor to, exclaimed that one of the biggest advantages was that it was ‘idiot proof’.

This is because of the unique abrasive rubber compound is forgiving – you can avoid applying too much pressure to the hook, which can turn the point over and ruin the hook. Each stroke of the Point Doctor gently removes a fine layer of the hooks plated or coated finish from the surface of the hook, helping to improve and enhancing the hook point.

Not only will a sharper hook turn more pick ups into fish on the bank, but sharper points also ensures the hook will penetrate further, easier. This will naturally mean you land more fish!

The ‘Point Dr’ is not suitable for totally reworking turned over hook points – but are the perfect tool for improving points that are ‘nearly’ sticky sharp.

Gardner Point Doctor 2 is a coarser version of the original Point Doctor, it is more like a ‘file’