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Fox Multi Purpose Backleads reviews

Can be used as a quick-change flying backlead or converted into a traditional ‘clip on’ backlead.

To change, simply remove the quick-change flying insert from the lead and replace with the ‘clip-on’ backlead insert by pushing it into the core, twist the insert once in place to ensure lead cannot come off

If the ‘clip-on’ backlead should become snagged, it is designed to release from the line as the clip will spring open, releasing your line

When used in flying backlead mode it has been designed not to fly too far back up the line like other makes currently do, this helps to ensure that the line closest to your rig will be pinned down

Perfect for pinning your line to the lakebed when fishing for line-shy carp, also ideal when fishing on venues with boat traffic to keep the line out of harm’s way

Available in 3 sizes – 5g, 10g and 15g

Each pack contains 4 x leads, 4 x flying backlead inserts and 4 x ‘clip-on’ backlead inserts