Fox Edges Shrink Tube Trans Khaki Reviews


Fox Edges Shrink Tube Trans Khaki Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Fox Edges Shrink Tube Trans Khaki Reviews

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Fox Edges Shrink Tube Trans Khaki reviews

Shrink tube reduces in size by two thirds when immersed in boiling water and is essential for a multitude of end tackle applications such as creating aggressive kickers to make your rigs catch hold of the fishes mouth better, this can cut down on hookpulls, especially when faced with lakes with a barbless hook rule. Simply place a small section over the eye of the hook and steam over a kettle whilst pulling the tubing down to make an aggressive angle and widen the gape of the hook you are using.

The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmo’s that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups – a massive ‘edge’ in itself!

Available in three sizes to suit different sizes of hook.