Fox Edges Short Chod Rigs

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Fox Edges Short Chod Rigs Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Fox Edges Short Chod Rigs Reviews

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Fox Edges Short Chod Rigs reviews

Constructed from Edges Rigidity Trans Khaki stiff monofilament in either 25lb or 30lb

Featuring Edges Stiff Rig Beaked Micro Barbed hooks with Barbless options also available in hook sizes 6 and 8

Breaking strain matches hook size: 25lb (11.3kg) for sizes 6, 7 and 8 and 30lb (13.6kg) for sizes 4 and 5

Also feature Edges Micro Hook Ring Swivel on the D for mounting hookbait onto and a size 11 Flexi Ring Swivel

Simply add a boom section of your choice to the ring of the swivel to create the Stiff Hinge rig, another extremely popular & effective big fish rig

Supplied on foam discs that can be loaded straight into your Multi Chod & Zig Bin

3 rigs supplied per packet

Available in Standard and Short sizes