Fox Digital Scales 60kg

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Fox Digital Scales 60kg Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Fox Digital Scales 60kg Reviews

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Fox Digital Scales 60kg reviews

Fox Digital Scales 60kg, these are the latest design digital scales on the market with all the latest features, they have an on/off button to maximise the battery life. The electronics are independently sealed. A simple zero button which when you press it once will zero the scales when you have a wet sling on the hook. A choice of lbs or kgs at the push of a button. They have a backlit screen so that you can use at night. The metal loop on the top will take a weigh bar or if the fish is small you can lift it with your finger. The weigh hook is large so that it is easy to put a weigh sling onto it when you are struggling with a ‘lump’.

A warning light tells you when the battery is getting low.

It weighs up to 60kg (132lb) by 1oz divisions

Complete with protective PU hard case

Takes 2 x AA batteries