Fox Black Label Titanium Quiver Arms Reviews


Fox Black Label Titanium Quiver Arms Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Fox Black Label Titanium Quiver Arms Reviews

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Fox Black Label Titanium Quiver Arms reviews

These new titanium wire quiver arm offer ultimate bite indication with three diameters available to suit the range you fish at: Super Soft for short/medium range, Medium for medium/long range and Stiff for long/extreme range

The Super Soft option enables you to fish with semi-slack lines whilst still retaining maximum indication and also reducing false indications caused by wind blowing a cord or chain side to side.

The Quiver arms are ompatible with all Fox Slim Black Label heads, and recommended for use with Micro Heads with either a Pivoting Ball Clip or standard Coloured Ball Clip for maximum indication

Can be used in conjunction with the Black Label Adjustable Hockey Stick to create the optimum tension for most fishing situations

Supplied in a protective tube

Other Black Label accessories also available separately.