FishSpy Underwater Camera

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FishSpy Underwater Camera With Protective Case Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased FishSpy Underwater Camera With Protective Case Reviews

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FishSpy Underwater Camera With Protective Case reviews

FishSpy is a professional quality camera housed inside an aerodynamic marker float, that transmits live video to your phone or tablet. Durable and designed to withstand the rigours of fishing, it is waterproof to depths of 10m.

The camera records and then transmits live footage at ranges of up to 100m, enabling you to find features, check the presentation of your bait, and see the fish interact with your bait. You will be amazed at what you have been missing!

FishSpy generates its own Wi-Fi signal and transmits it to your portable wifi-enabled device, so there is no need to worry about having a internet connection or phone signal on the lake. Fishspy does it all.

The specially designed low light camera records and transmits clear pictures in murky or coloured water, so you will always be able to find the perfect spot. If the water is too deep for a clear picture, not a problem – submerge FishSpy down to the lakebed and then play back the footage when FishSpy returns to the surface. Once submerged, FishSpy will lose its Wi-fi connection to your device but recording continues; it’s quick and easy to reconnect FishSpy to your device and play the footage back when the FishSpy resurfaces.

Supplied with an orange fin marker as standard, with optional Yellow fins (for use in low light conditions) and black fins (for use on very bright days) available separately.

Included in the box is the FishSpy boom, a USB cable and a foam ring, which creates extra buoyancy and is used when fishing at distances of over 30 meters or when you’re on weedy waters.

FishSpy features an action tag, so you can mark those fishy encounters and those all important hotspots to enable you to locate the best clips later for easy and convenient playback. Three hours of battery life and seven hours record time complete the package.

For complete peace of mind, the use of 50lb braided mainline and the Fishspy boom is strongly recommended

FishSpy Protection Case

The perfect case for keeping your precious FishSpy underwater camera safe and sound!

Rigid outer case construction offers total protection

High impact foam lined to guarantee the highest level of shock resistance

Integrated inner zip pocket to carry all your FishSpy accessories