ESP Tapered Shock Leaders Reviews

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ESP Tapered Shock Leaders Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased ESP Tapered Shock Leaders Reviews

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ESP Tapered Shock Leaders reviews

These new ESP Tapered Shock Leaders are rated from 40lb down to 15lb and are supplied in a pack that contains 3 leaders each of 9m length.

Available in either Weedy Green colour, or Clear.

Use them to put extra distance into your long range carping!

When doing big casts, just your normal Main line is not going to be up to the job. When apply so much pressure you will need something that can withstand and put up with the aggression.

The ESP Tapered Shock Leaders are designed specifically for long-range distance casting with big leads.

Their ultra slick and smooth surface means they fly through the rings with a minimum of friction. Their greatly reduced stretch also means the power is transmitted directly to the lead.


ESP Tapered Shock Leaders
ESP Tapered Shock Leaders

RRP : £6.99

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