ESP Short Chod Rigs Reviews

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ESP Short Chod Rigs Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased ESP Short Chod Rigs Reviews

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ESP Short Chod Rigs reviews

These short chod rigs provide all the advantages of the regular length chod rig but offer a lower, more discreet presentation with the hook bait positioned closer to the lake bed.

This makes them ideal for fishing over gravel and shallow deposites of silt, weed and detritus.

For optimum efficiency the rig uses ultra sharp stiff rigger hooks, stiff bristle filament and a smoothly rotating japanese uni link swivel.

The whipping knot on the short chod rig grips the hook very tightly ensuring the bristle filament comes off the hook perfectly in line with the shank.


ESP Short Chod Rigs
ESP Short Chod Rigs

RRP : £5.99

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