ESP Onyx Big Pit Carp Reel

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ESP Onyx Big Pit Carp Reel Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased ESP Onyx Big Pit Carp Reel Reviews

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ESP Onyx Big Pit Carp Reel reviews

ESP Onyx Big Pit Carp Reel, ESP first started developing the ESP reel over two years ago they looked closely at other reels on the market, plus the reels they had been using themselves for many years. All had impracticalities (after all, most ‘big pit carp’ reels are actually developed with sea fishing in mind) which could be vastly improved upon. So ESP identified certain crucial areas and set about developing a reel which would be a highly practical and durable carp fishing tool.

ESP carp catching machine Kev Hewitt has been closely involved in the reels development over the last two years, exhaustively testing prototype samples and catching a serious amount of big carp while using them. The combined outcome is a reel that has bespoke machined alloy spools which require no backing – three reels can be filled from a 1,000m bulk spool. Not requiring backing improves line lay by preventing ‘bedding in’, which in turn improves distance casting, and not having several hundred meters of backing across three reels obviously reduces weight and cost!

Also this is the first reel to provide two different drag adjusters – FD (Fine Drag for micro adjustment) and RL (Rapid Lockdown for free running to locked down in around half a turn).

Another desirable feature is the quick fold handle, for rapid deployment and pack down and also allows the handle to be folded in use for super snug rod set ups.

The stainless line clip incorporates a special moulded backing plate which has a slightly raised ‘cleat’ beneath the clip which the lines clicks over for security without any damage to the mono. The reel incorporates machined long life gearing with a fast retrieve ratio. The slow oscillation further improves line lay so they cast like a dream. And the final touch of muted classic black cosmetics and wooden handle makes these reels look the part on any set up.

Technical points:

Machined, anodized long cast taper spools. Shallow – for 300m of 15lb (0.37mm) and Ultra Shallow – for 300m of 12lb (0.33mm). So three reels can be filled from a 1,000m bulk spool of mono – no backing required.

Slow oscillation ensures exceptionally smooth line lay which helps distance casting and accuracy. Two interchangeable drag adjusters – the reel can be used with either the FD (fine drag) adjuster for small incremental changes in resistance, or the RL (rapid lockdown) which allows quick adjustment from low resistance to locked down in around half a turn of the adjustment knob.

Quick fold handle – for speedy setup and pack down and also allows the handle to be folded for snug rod set ups.

Stainless steel line clip for secure damage free clipping up. 7 + 1 stainless bearings, machined gears and a 4.3:1 gear ratio for fast retrieve (approximately 1m per rotation of the reel handle).

Rotor brake.

Front drag grit guard.

Easily accessible large anti-reverse lever.

Stylish matt black finish with subtle red decals.

Every single reel thoroughly QA checked by ESP expert in-house staff in the UK.

Note – Line not included