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ESP Marker Darts reviews

These new Marker Darts are designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original ESP Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats.

Their blow moulded bodies are more buoyant than balsa, are much tougher and not prone to damage. Marker Darts do not oscillate in flight, cast straight and true ensuring precise accuracy at distance even in a crosswind. The interchangeable flights are tough and durable and attach to the body on a super strong glass filled nylon thread.

The new floats are unique in that they have been designed for optimum performance with designated lead sizes. The small 20cm dart is best used with 2oz (56g) – 2.5oz (70g) leads, whilst the medium 22cm dart works best with 3oz (85g) – 3.5oz (100g) leads.

These lead sizes result in optimum casting performance and are balanced perfectly against the buoyancy of the float so that no feel is lost when pulling the lead back along the bottom whilst feature finding.

Available in both Small and Medium