ESP Bulk PVA Bags

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ESP Bulk PVA Bags reviews

Bulk bags can be packed out with large amounts of boilies and particles. The PVA film is tough and impact resistant but when fully loaded with bait and lead, they can weigh up to 7.5oz (212g) so casting range is restricted.

All PVA bags are coated with a neutral food grade powder to prevent them sticking together and to ensure they are easy to open. The special PVA film is tough & strong, yet melts down without residue and most importantly, does so within the correct time frame. Many thin film bags begin meltdown on the descent and release the bait prematurely.

Plain PVA Bags are suitable for use with oil-based liquid additives and flavourings. The perforated PVA Bags have multiple small holes over their whole surface so pockets of air cannot remain trapped inside the bag. This makes them ideal for distance casting and ensures they sink rapidly in deep water.

Controlled Meltdown

No odour

20 Bags per pack

Also available in Mini, Sock & Multi sizes.