ESP Barrel Bobbins Reviews

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ESP Barrel Bobbins Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased ESP Barrel Bobbins Reviews

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ESP Barrel Bobbins reviews

Barrel Bobbin Kits

These highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. Available in seven colours – white in PTFE and acrylic in red, blue, purple, orange, green and yellow.

The kits comprises of:

– Barrel Bobbin with interchangeable ball clips

– Interchangeable grip clips

– 3″ and 7″ stainless reversible stainless ball chains

– 3g stainless add-on weight

– Stainless hockey stick

The two stainless ball chains included have a unique feature where a plastic connector at one end and a 3g stainless connector at the other is used. This allows the chain to be simply reversed to add weight to the bobbin when required. Also adding the 3g stainless add-on weight integrated into the hockey stick increases the weight further and means that the PTFE bobbin can be used at weights of 5g, 8g or 11g and the acrylic bobbins at 3g, 6g or 9g.

The interchangeable line clips simply allow the bobbin to be fished running on the line with the ball clips or gripping the line ‘Elstow style’ with the grip clips. The 3″ ball chain is best suited to this setup, with the bobbin fished on a short drop near the bite alarm.

Metal Head
For long range specialists, there is also a stainless Metal Head bobbin. This interchanges with the coloured Barrel Bobbins and weighs 15g and with the stainless chain connector and add-on weight incorporated, can be increased to 21g. This extra weight improves bite indication at range on a tight line and especially in windy conditions.


ESP Barrel Bobbins
ESP Barrel Bobbins

RRP : £5.99

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