Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compact Alarms

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Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compact Alarm Reviews. Are these worth buying in 2020?


1 review for Edwards Custom Upgrades MK1 Compact Alarms

  1. Andy bailiff

    Old school looks, class, super reliable, unbelievable bite detection, whats not to like

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ECU MK1 COMPACTS Remote Bite Alarms Plus Receiver (Multi Colour)

MK1 Compacts, solid build, easy programming with carp angler friendly features.
ANTI LINE SKIP ROLLER! great for slack line fishing and ultra light bobbins.
Intelligent FALSE BITE SENSING when used in conjunction with receiver. remote receiver will kick in to auto max sensitivity if roller wheel on bite alarm speeds up. even if roller alarm is set at minimal sensitivity setting to minimise line bites or floating weed false beeps!!!!!!
latching led, run led. twin 8 magnet roller wheel. ultra sensitive for slack line fishing. anti line skip roller wheel to eliminate line skipping over wheel and not registering a take.
10 volume settings, 16 tones settings and 5 sensitivity settings.4 setting led dimmer.
height adjustable and fully removable storm ears.
presentation box, batteries included. chunky and slim line stainless alarm thread washers supplied. lanyard and carabineer clip supplied . rubber o rings for true alignment supplied.
receiver and alarm take each one pp3 9volt battery. stainless on /off toggle switch. central isotope slot and vertical isotope slots either side of where the rod sits.
REMOTE RECEIVER. removable lanyard, vibration button, led dimmer button, volume button. on / off stainless toggle switch. 15mm x3mm central isotope slot.
Separate Programme button for easy programming.

Available in 3 Rod Alarm Sets with Green, White and Blue LEDs.