Deeper Start Fishfinder

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Deeper Start Fishfinder Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Deeper Start Fishfinder Reviews

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Deeper Start Fishfinder reviews

For anglers, Deeper means powerful and accurate, and the Deeper START is no exception. It has a huge casting range of 165ft / 50m and a scanning depth of 165ft / 50m. And it’s a fish finder you can trust. It’s Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone or tablet gives a stronger connection, bigger range and up to 10X faster data transfer than Bluetooth. This means instant, accurate data on your screen. Plus it makes 10 scans per second, giving it great fish identification accuracy.

The START has been designed to be as easy to use as possible:

At 65g/2.3oz, it’s Deeper’s lightest ever sonar so there’s no need to worry about line breaks. All sonars are tested to cast using line from 6lb / 2.7kg breaking strain monofilament up to 20lb / 9kg braided line.

The START’s new design makes it super easy to reel in, and features an inbuilt, automatically activated LED for great visibility in all conditions.

Every scan is automatically saved, and can be accessed through the app or online using Lakebook.

Set up couldn’t be simpler with no removable cap, and a custom-built magnetic USB cable for charging that comes with the START.

The START automatically switches on when in water, and off when out of water, helping to conserve battery life.

Find the fish – Instantly locate fish just by casting. The 120 kHz, 40° sonar scans at 10 times per second, so you can cover wide areas and never miss a fish.

Know fish size and depth – Every fish icon tagged with size and depth data. Now choosing the right lure and rig is easy.

Scan deeper – The START’s powerful sonar scans down to 165 ft. / 50 m and shows bottom contour in detail

Great casting range – The START’s Wi-Fi connection gives faster data transfer and rock solid connectivity up to 165 ft. / 50 m, so you’ll never miss a spot.

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