Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly

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Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly Reviews

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Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly reviews

Based around the traditional brolly shape this overnighter also has extended sides and a Velcro attachable ground sheet.

The Daiwa Mission Overnighter’s canopy is made from extra durable “pu” coated nylon and also features strong taped seams.

Two strong storm rods are also supplied for fitting to the front of the canopy as shown in the above image.

The Daiwa Mission Overnighter comes complete with Second storm caps which are positioned at the sides for greater application of shorter storm rods of the users choice.

Supplied separately the overwrap converts the shelter to a mini bivvy and also features a roll up zippable door for easy access.A convient 5’6 when folded, 2.3m wide and 1.5m tall when fully erect.

This has been one of Daiwa’s best selling adaptable Brollies. The Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly is perfectly adaptable in all conditions such as warm weather or in showers.

The Daiwa Mission Overnighter is a versitile all round robust Brolly system and has been a very successful product for Daiwa.

Daiwa Mission Overnighter Features:

Greatly durable canopy

Extended sides

Strongly taped seams

Velcro attachable groundsheet supplied

Telescopic alloy storm rods

Daiwa Mission Overnighter Brolly

Also Available is the Daiwa Mission Overnighter Overwrap.