Daiwa Emcast 25A Reel

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Daiwa Emcast 25A Reel reviews

Whether you’ve been on the angling scene your whole life or you’ve only arrived on the bank, you’ll understand that the name Daiwa is synonymous with reel excellence. The brand has been designing and manufacturing top class fishing reels from their Japanese head quarters since the 1950s and it continues to be the most prolific reel manufacturer in the world to this date. Producing reels which have been purpose designed for use across the disciplines, the brand is world renowned for its consistent high quality and unique technological innovation.

This Emcast 25A joins an established range of Emcast reels and it is also a new member of Daiwa’s growing 25mm family. This is a new, compact reel design which combines a short stroke spool with a neat little body in order to deliver classically big pit performance without the bulk – ideal for the new generation carper who wants to keep light and mobile whilst still enjoying the very best of the distance fishing.

The Daiwa Emcast 25A Reel has been built on a graphite body. Graphite is one of the most popular materials for a reel body and, once you’ve had a look at its credentials, it really isn’t hard to see why. Both lightweight and robust, graphite offers the kind of rigidity which is essential when you’re looking to land a large or hard fighting fish. The framework on this reel has been designed to lock all the vital internal components in place, holding the gearing in the perfect position in order to ensure that you can put as much power as you need through the reel in order to succeed on the bank. However, the reel body isn’t the only element of the reel which has been geared up for a fish fight. It has been designed with a specialist abbreviated drag range. This ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of the reels freespool function whilst also enjoying maximum drag engagement when push comes to shove. For fast acting drag which is there to support you when you need it, the Daiwa Emcast 25A is the ideal reel for you. Infinite anti-reverse also aids on the retrieve, reducing any sign of rearward backplay to a minimum.

In order to ensure that this reel is a distance caster capable of holding its own against any bit pit, it has been fitted with a number of line alignment features. One such feature is ‘Twistbuster’. This is Daiwa’s especially designed line roller feature which, as the name suggests, has been purpose built to counteract any twist that you might experience on the reel. Whether you’r1e retrieving your cast and want to ensure perfect line lay or you’re punching out and want to maximise your distance, Twistbuster ensures that you can perform to your maximum at all times. Air Bail is Daiwa’s ultra-light bail arm system. Super-smooth and protrusion free, this prevents any loose line (a common side effect of long distance casts) from snagging or hanging up, ensuring that you can perform to your maximum throughout your time on the water.

As with all top performing Daiwa reels, this reel has been fitted with a number of ball bearings. In fact, the Emcast 25A has no fewer than seven high performance ball bearings to ensure that friction on the reel is reduced to an absolute minimum. This leaves you with a smooth performance outfit, designed to excel in all conditions. If you’re a carp angler who wants to enjoy the benefits of a high performance Daiwa big pit without wanting the bulk of a classic reel, this Emcast 25A is the ideal tool for you and will form a key component of your carp tackle collection.

The 4.6:1 retrieve converts plenty of power, assisted by 7BB and cranks back just under a meter of line too.

The short range drag ensures that it is easy to engage free spool but still offers responsiveness for fish control plus a distance control line clip makes pin point bait placement a breeze.

Line friendly line clip

Abbreviated drag range

Air Bail

Machine Cut Handle

Infinite Anti-Reverse

Spare Spool