Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT

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Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT reviews – Are these reels any good?




Black, Gold


2 reviews for Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT

  1. Jeff

    You need to see these in the flesh with line on to appreciate them, they are the sexiest reel i have ever seen or owned, coupled with the beautiful casting and just all round pleasure to use i cannot recommend them highly enough. Just go and buy a set

  2. Editor

    Amazing reels – This is a test so take no notice of this

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Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW Reviews

This ‘Gold Spool’ Release also offers the retro One Touch handle utilises a reduced oscillation speed called Slow Cross Wrap, enhancing the line lay. The result is lower consumption of casting energy during line release, when combined with the friction reducing double lip profile of the LC spool increases casting distance by more than 5%.

Supplied with a shallow C and spare deep LD spool; (300m – 0.35mm and 530m – 0.35mm). The C spool allows filling of three spools from 1000m.

Retrieval is geared down at 4.9:1 but still cranks up to 104cm per handle turn.


  • 45mm LC long cast spool.
  • Slow Cross Wrap.
  • QD Quick drag.
  • 6 ball bearings.
  • HIP-High Impact Line Clip.
  • Air Rotor.
  • Digigear II.
  • One Touch folding handle with wooden knob.
  • Supplied with C shallow spool and spare LD deep spool.
  • Gear ratio 4:9:1.
  • Weight of reel 615g.
  • Crank – 104cm per turn.
  • Line capacity 300m of 0.35mm.