Cygnet Snugs Pouch

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Cygnet Snugs Pouch Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Cygnet Snugs Pouch Reviews

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Cygnet Snugs Pouch reviews

These smart pouches protect your snugs setup, including your valuable alarms while in transit. Neoprene construction brings superb protection against impact damage together with long-term durability. Inside, a well padded divider protects your valuable equipment from clashing and features a handy pocket for indicators or a sounder box. While they are purpose built to fit the Cygnet Snugs, complete with alarms and indicators, they will also accommodate other setups.

Available in two sizes: Snugs 3 rod narrow (for Buzzer Bars up to 9.5″ wide) and Snugs 3 rod Wide (for Buzzer Bars up to 11.5″ wide).