Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar

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Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Reviews

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Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar reviews

Featuring all of the renowned characteristics of the Cygnet 20/20 range in a slimmer, svelt profile with solid metal fittings, matt black finish and the signature genes throughout.

Choose from either a 2 rod or a 3 rod model in multiple different lengths so you can adjust your bankside setup to suit.

The three-rod buzzers comes in five diameters (8.5ins, 9.5ins, 10.5ins, 11.5ins and 12.5ins) while the two rods go from a nice and tight 4.5ins through 5ins, 5.5ins, 6ins, 6.5ins to 8ins and 10ins.

As ever with Cygnet, the Minimal range is well built and well priced.

Full minimal Bankstick range also available.