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Avid Transfer Solid PVA Bags Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Avid Transfer Solid PVA Bags Reviews

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Avid Transfer Solid PVA Bags reviews

The very best PVA bags for the modern carper.

Transfer PVA bags are made from the very best PVA film and will withstand the strongest of casts.

Each bag has been designed to help the angler provide perfect bait placement without the worry of lasting residue.

Double fused joints down each side have been added to prevent each bag from breaking.

Each bag has a special internal coating which allows easing opening. Transfer PVA bags have been tested to ensure they start to dissolve at the correct time and after only a few minutes (water temperature depended) they will leave no residue to spook any wary fish.

Transfer PVA bags have a neutral ph and will offer the exact requirements needed by the modern carper.

The perfect size to fit the Avid Carp Bag Loaders.

40 bags supplied per pack

Available in: Size 6 – 60x170mm. Size 8 – 80x170mm